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Continental Hope Group: Singapore - Bridging Excellence Globally

Our Mission - Bringing Excellence Across Borders

CHG Singapore is the International Business group of the distinguished Continental Hope Group. Our mission, "Bringing Excellence Across Borders," encapsulates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards and values of our parent organization while extending our reach to serve global markets.

Our Role in the Group

As an essential component of the Continental Hope Group, CHG Singapore plays a pivotal role in facilitating and enhancing international business operations. We harness our expertise and resources to ensure seamless communication, collaboration, and the effective management of the group's diverse sectors and initiatives on the global stage.

Diverse Portfolio, Global Impact

We actively contribute to Continental Hope Group's diverse portfolio, which encompasses mechatronics, energy and chemical industries, tourism & real estate, construction & general contracting, and smart technology. While based in Singapore, our reach extends beyond borders to foster international business opportunities and drive the group's global success.

Innovative Excellence

Aligned with our mission, we are dedicated to innovative solutions, operational excellence, and the relentless pursuit of the group's global objectives. We harmonize our efforts with Continental Hope Group to uphold the highest performance and service standards, promoting a culture of excellence in every facet of our international business operations.

CHG Singapore is proud to serve as the bridge connecting Continental Hope Group with the world. We are committed to ensuring that the pursuit of excellence by the group knows no borders.


Our Headquarter

Continental Hope Group has evolved into a multifaceted and comprehensive conglomerate, spanning five major industrial divisions: Mechatronics: Our expertise extends to energy conservation, new energy, and transmission control. Energy and Chemical Industry: We create a high-quality, high-efficiency circular economy industrial chain integrating clean energy, power grids, salt chemicals, and new materials. Tourism & Real Estate: We are actively involved in tourism, hotels, scenic spots, parks, and real estate ventures. Construction & General Contracting: We excel in construction engineering and network engineering projects. Smart AI Technology: Our initiatives encompass intelligent technologies, epidemic prevention systems, and more. International Business: We actively participate in global markets, contributing to various fields, including finance and new materials.

Continental Hope Group

Our Innovations & Global certifications

Technological patents

Technological patents

Nanofiltration membrane water process system and device (patent - PCT/SG2014/000241)

Technological patents

Technological patents

Seedling iron-supplement and root-control container (patent - PCT/SG2014/000243)


Technological patents

Suspension clarification and filtration device
Abstract (patent - PCT/SG2014/000245)


Technological patents

Bubble pump circulating heat pipe radiator (patent - PCT/SG2014/000247)

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