A product of SLANVERT, SBH serial high-voltage frequency conversion speed regulation system adopts power unit series technique and outputs 3-11KV voltage directly. The control system adopts 32-CPU of digital information; large-scale integrated circuit chip and vector control technique in the industry firstly, making control circuit integration higher and tidier.

The main circuit adopts the most excellent new-generation 1700VIGBT imported with original packaging, making IGBT with bigger voltage-withstanding security margin structurally and its product performance reach internationally advanced level.

The input end of the third general high-voltage frequency conversion speed regulation device of SBH series adopts multiple isolation transformer to realize the purpose that harmonic wave counteracts harmonic wave. Input harmonic wave can meet relevant standard totally. The output adopts PWM, translation phase type and more electricity with lower output voltage harmonic wave, dv/dt and common mode without any filters to be used for common alternating current dynamo. Output cable’s electricity can reach 1KM.


  • Motor controlling mode
  • PLC operation mode
  • Rich input and output end
  • High-efficiency
  • Perfect output wave form
  • Strong over-loaded ability
  • Process PID function
  • Low harmonic wave
  • Perfect protection function
  • Non-stop during instant power down
  • Human device

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