The Slanvert HOPE800 series high performance drive are engineered to high-precision rotor field vector control algorithm with the ability of controlling 290% instantaneous torque, providing high energy efficiency for your applications. Its internal components comprises of internationally known brands, such as our control digital signal processor (DSP), resulting in a quick-response and stable system. Coupled with multi-mode operation and programmable modules, it allows users to conform to their industrial challenges.

The practical multi-speed selection function which includes binary code mode ,direct selection mode, sum mode and number mode is particularly applicable to heating & ventilation industry. The powerful process PID function includes two sets of PID parameters, and the parameters adopt multiple smooth transition modes. Its multiple correction modes for tension and synchronous control enable HOPE800 to satisfy the requirements of various industries such as draw benches, textile, paper making and printing & dying and etc.


  • Integrated with high-precision, rotor field-oriented vector control algorithm and instantaneous torque
    capacity of 290%.
  • Unique multi-mode PLC operation funcEon, extremely applicable for producing tubular pile and washing
    industrial equipment.
  • Applicable multi-stage speed function: provide a selection of coding, direct, superposition and
    numbering methods, highly applicable for HVAC industry.
  • Powerful user programmable module, a flexibility that satisfies users demands.

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