Hope Deepblue Air-conditioner Manufacture Corp., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is affiliated to Hope Group, which since inception have developed into an ultra-conglomerate after over twenty years of hard work, with its annual sales revenue approaching RMB 100 billion. Hope Deepblue was founded with an investment of RMB 160 million. It is located in the Western High-tech Park in Chengdu, a national key high-tech development zone, and occupies an area of about 110000m². As a national key high-tech enterprise and the largest central air conditioner manufacturer in West China, Hope Deepblue is engaged in R&D production and sale of products in HVAC&R, and offers all kinds of air conditioners and systematic solutions according to user’s different demands.


Over the years, CHG combines the latest technology of SLANVERT, the frequency converter with high-performance vector control. It also adopts power devices of internationally famous brands and dedicated control digital signal processor (DSP) of American TI electrical machine. The converter possesses abundant system functions, stable and reliable operation and fast response, coordinated with multi-mode operation and programmable modules, so it can meets with higher application requirements of clients. Mechatronics divisions is a high-tech level enterprise that specializes in frequency conversion technology R&D. SLANVERT is also devoted to the design, development, production, sale and maintenance of inverters and related products. As one of the earliest companies which embark upon the frequency conversion technology research field, SLANVERT has become one of the biggest inverter manufacturers in China. SLANVERT is also the only winner of ‘China Top Brand’ in China’s low-voltage inverter industry. As we own an independent intellectual property system that is supported by dozens of patents and proprietary technologies, our products are widely used in many fields such as metallurgy, machinery, building material, chemical industry, petroleum, biotechnology, and pharmacy.

DB Chemicals

With profound chemical background and excellent expertise in sodium chlorate manufacturing and CHG’s own hydropower supply, the DB Chemicals – Sodium Chlorate is known as “high purity, large scale, good credibility and reliable supplier”. The sodium chlorate (NaClO3) industry is an industry with broad prospect but needs great electric power that accounts for over 60% of the total production cost. With the strong support from CHG’s own hydropower business, the CHG has a total capacity of 100,000 tons annually. In a few years the total production capacity will reach 150,000 tons annually and become one of the largest sodium chlorate production bases in China.

As our sodium chlorate plants are located in the place where salt reserves or hydropower resources are rich and the climate is favourable, our sodium chlorate boasts of high quality and at an affordable cost. Our supply capacity and market competitiveness will be further promoted with the completion of our expansion project in a few years.

General Contracting

Under construction, Sichuan Hope Huaxi Construction General Contracting Corp., Ltd. is a national first-grade general construction contracting enterprise. Since 2003, Hope Huaxi was awarded such titles as “Project Quality Reliable Unit”, “Model Enterprise without Complaint for Three Consecutive Years”, “Grade AAA Integrity-Maintaining & Law-Abiding Unit”, “Advanced Unit in Integrity-Maintaining & Law-Abiding”, “National Quality Model Enterprise”, “National Quality and Service Integrity Model Enterprise”, “Model Enterprise Honoring Credibility, Abiding by Contracting and Stressing Quality”, “Advanced Enterprise in Construction”. Hope Huaxi is involved in general contracting for survey, design, construction, supervision, engineering development and application for large and medium sized construction projects in industry, energy, traffic, dwelling house, utilities, public works and fire-fighting.

Atlantis Golden Dynasty

12000 B.C., There was a beautiful and majestic gold coated concentric circle acropolis on the Atlantic Ocean. The wide canal, busy street, opera house, amphitheater and temple stood together mutually shinning. Without Atlantis, humans would never believe they used to be magnificent like this.

Today, Atlantis Golden Era, a 2,668,000 m² project that was designed by world famous planning & designing companies ATKINS, FORREC, DAHLIN and SABILLS, is carried out in the Water City Xinjin, where Hope Group was born. What Plato described about the Atlantis Paradise in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias will be brought up to your eyes.