Energy & Chemicals

Energy & Chemicals

The Energy and Chemical Sector is the Group’s effort to build a “green” circular industrial chain. After several years of rapid development, it has showcased its comparative advantages, including unique technology, environmental protection,brand recognition, and network management. The sector’s main businesses are divided between the energy industry and chemical industry, as well as hybrid processes which electrical energy is used to achieve higher value-add in chemical products.

Energy Industry

The energy industry uses energy and chemical applications to build a circular industrial chain. The upstream industry is hydropower development, which has been working in the Maoxian River Valley to establish a stable energy supply and integrate and improve the Maoxian grid to ensure the quality of the energy supply. The Group owns four companies, namely: Maoxian Power Company (local grid), Maoxian Water Company (water network), Sichuan Hope Hydropower Development Company (power generation), and Maoxian Engineering Company(construction).

The Maoxian energy industry has unique resource advantages that allow for the integrated management of the “generation, transmission, and distribution” of power, as well as a holistic approach to development incorporating the “project development, construction, and management” of projects.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has also incorporated a supply chain of upstream and downstream industries to become a leader in technology. The Group is one of the Chinese Chemical Society’s five standard-setting members, and “Hope Deep-blue”sodium chlorate is one of the industry’s leading brands.

Its self-developed and manufactured synthetic gemstone intelligent equipment system is internationally leading, and it is the largest domestic high-tech enterprise for flame melting synthetic gemstones. Its “Hope Sapphire” gem products lead the industry with stable and high-quality quality.