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liu_yongyanCHG was founded in 1995 by Mr Liu Yongyan, then Chairman of the Board of Hope Group. At that time, Hope Group had already amassed unparalleled recognition by both the public and industry professionals alike – ranking 1st among “Top 500 Largest Chinese Private Enterprises”, “Top 100 Largest Chinese Private Manufacturers” and “Top 100 Chinese Private Sci-Tech Enterprises by Total Income of Technology, Industry and Trade”.

In 1995, Mr Liu and his three younger brothers had decided to clarify the property rights and set up Continental Hope Group (CHG), East Hope Group, Huaxi Hope Group and South (New) Hope Group respectively. Over the past 20 years, CHG has gone through an amazing journey to become one of China’s leading private-owned groups that set the standards domestically and globally for many business lines and aspects.

“Our diversification is based on specialization. We have special advantages in each area where we are, and we build our brands with integrity.” (quoted Dr Chen Bin)

chen_binHeadquartered in China, CONTINENTAL HOPE GROUP (CHG) is a high-tech based diversified corporation and one of the country’s largest privately-owned groups that operate multi-businesses under 4 divisions: Mechatronics, Energy & Chemicals, Construction and Hotel/Tourism/Real-Estate Development.

Our award-winning and internationally certified products and services cover various segments including Frequency Inverters, HVAC, Chemicals, Hotels, Construction (General Contracting), Real Estate Development, Theme Park, Banking, Insurance, Food Processing, Agricultural Products and Investment.